An Introduction

Welcome! If you know me already, then I’m glad to see you here. If you don’t, then allow me to introduce myself. I’m Dana Himrich, and you’ve found my writing blog. Lucky you.

I’ve been serious about writing fiction for a number of years now. I got started in high school, and I kept working on my personal projects through college. Now that I’ve graduated, I have more time to devote to my writing, hence this new undertaking.

My main interest is short stories and novels with a fantasy or sci-fi focus. In addition to my main projects, I plan to keep this blog updated with a variety of other content like reviews, writing tips, anecdotes and whatever else strikes my fancy. If you’re nice, I may even give you pictures of my cat. 🙂

I hope you’ll stick around Himrich Hall and see what I have to offer. There’s nothing I want more as a writer than to bring joy to others. Cheers!

– Dana

One thought on “An Introduction

  1. I love your writing! You sound like an interesting person, please keep up the writing and publish your collection.
    I once had aspirations to write but technical writing has taken its toll.


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