Today on Project Gutenberg #5

Today on Project Gutenberg, we have... The Blood Covenant: A Primitive Rite and its Bearings on Scripture by H. Clay Trumbull Another educational text here. This was published in 1885 and based on a series of lectures that its author gave in June of that year. It starts out as an anthropological journey, focusing on … Continue reading Today on Project Gutenberg #5

Short Story: “Snapshot of an Apocalypse”

I wanted to throw another story up on here since I haven't done that in a while. This one is actually from about three years ago, and it's kind of weird even for me. I wanted to write something that was based around a description of a creature, and I also tried experimenting with second-person … Continue reading Short Story: “Snapshot of an Apocalypse”

Year One Stats!

Hello everyone! If you didn't know already, we recently passed the one-year anniversary of this blog. To celebrate, I'd like to share with you some of the statistics and achievements we've managed since June of last year: In its first year, HH gained a total of 17 followers!We published 29 posts in that timeframe!Of those … Continue reading Year One Stats!