Horror Is Universal: “The Wolf Man” (1941)

NOTE: Today's film and some of the clips in this article include the use of pejorative language toward Romani people, which may be offensive to some readers. While my analysis does make note of the film's terminology, I have attempted to use appropriate terminology whenever possible. Even a man who is pure in heart And … Continue reading Horror Is Universal: “The Wolf Man” (1941)

Today on Project Gutenberg #34

Today on Project Gutenberg, we have... The Chief Mate's Yarns: Twelve Tales of the Sea by Thornton Jenkins Hains Another collections of short stories this week, albeit much less whimsical than Hawthorne and his Wonder Book. Mr. Hains, or TJ as I'm going to call him (because I feel like it), was an American writer … Continue reading Today on Project Gutenberg #34