Today on Project Gutenberg #40

Today on Project Gutenberg, we have... A Gray Eye or So by Frank Frankfort Moore YOU AGAIN? Soooo you may remember that we have met this guy before in our Project Gutenberg travels. Good old Frank Frankfort Moore, author of The Love That Prevailed, AKA that deeply weird novel where the real-life founder of Methodism … Continue reading Today on Project Gutenberg #40

Horror Is Universal: “Invisible Agent” (1942)

NOTE: This article will contain mentions of sexual assault and a discussion of anti-Japanese racism, both of which may be upsetting to some readers. TERRIBLE JOKE INCOMING IN 3, 2, 1... What's the best way to get rid of Nazis? You have to use a Not-See! HA HA HA! And now that I've gotten that … Continue reading Horror Is Universal: “Invisible Agent” (1942)