Horror Is Universal: “Son of Dracula” (1943)

Well, if it isn't our old bloodsucking buddy back for another round! Cinema's favorite vampire has had a pretty decent track record in Universal Horror so far. The 1931 Dracula was a triumph of tension and eerie atmosphere, and the Spanish-language version built on that already-strong foundation to make something even better. Dracula's Daughter managed … Continue reading Horror Is Universal: “Son of Dracula” (1943)

Today on Project Gutenberg #47

Apologies for the delay. Between my job and prepping to write a new novella, I've been rather busy this month. But you're going to see a little more of me before April rolls around! So today on Project Gutenberg, we have... Northern Lights by Gilbert Parker Today we're headed up to the land of mounties … Continue reading Today on Project Gutenberg #47