Horror Is Universal: “The Mummy’s Curse” (1944)

We finally did it, folks. We've reached the end. We're free. Free from the curse of Kharis and his lame-ass movies. Of course, Kharis couldn't let us go without one last ordeal to suffer through. After the batshit nonsense of The Mummy's Ghost, I was a little optimistic about this film. I still didn't think … Continue reading Horror Is Universal: “The Mummy’s Curse” (1944)

Today on Project Gutenberg #58

Today on Project Gutenberg, we have... The Search After Happiness by Charlotte Brontë Oh, Charlotte. Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte. What am I to do with you. I have had a long and complicated relationship with the most famous Brontë sister. Or to be more accurate, with her work. Maybe someday I will write a long and … Continue reading Today on Project Gutenberg #58