A big announcement!

Well, not that big. More of a medium-sized announcement. But it’s still an important announcement.

I want all of you guys to know that I am starting a Substack newsletter! If you’ve never of it before, Substack is a platform that allows writers to create newsletters/blogs about whatever they want and set up both free and paid subscription plans. Certain posts can be marked as being for paid subscriptions only.

Some Questions & Answers

Why are you doing this? Because I write too well not to get paid for it, if I do say so myself.

Does this mean the WordPress blog is shutting down? Nope! Not for a while, at least. I plan to continue posting my usual content here (maybe cross-posting some of the stuff that’s free) and gradually transition to the Substack over a period of time.

Will your new blog be pay-to-read only? Oh no! Only some of the content on the Substack will require a paid subscription. I plan to launch that option early in 2022, and I can guarantee that everything I post for the remainder of 2021 will always be free to read.

What types of content will be available on this new blog? I’m glad you asked! Free posts will include the following types of content:

  • Flash Fiction (i.e. short stories of approximately 1000 words or less), which I hope to post weekly
  • Articles on my writing/creative process
  • Installments of Horror Is Universal, with updated versions of the older reviews
  • Film, book and television reviews
  • More? Probably more

When I enable the paid content option, that category will include:

  • Short stories of 1000+ words
  • Multi-chapter stories
  • Potentially a look at some documents from my process of planning and writing longer material. A little peek behind the scenes, as it were.
  • Other stuff that I probably haven’t thought of yet!

Where can I find this new blog? Right over here at https://thehimrichlibrary.substack.com! There are already two stories up on the website already!

Why the name change? I dunno, I just liked the sound of it.

If you enjoy the content I post here, then take a look at the Substack and set up a free subscription now. More stories and articles will be coming soon!

— Dana

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